IELTS Courses

The main focus of FutureEd English is to provide training and registration for students looking to take the IELTS Exam in Henderson, Auckland. Our IELTS preparation courses are customised according to the individual student’s requirement, and our instructors are specifically trained in assisting and advising potential candidates with their individual needs.

IELTS Training and Exam Registration in Auckland


WE are offering a FREE IELTS Class every Wednesday starting on
Wednesday 13 February.

This class is only available in our Henderson location.


Crash Course for IELTS Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Crash Course(Tips, Tricks and Techniques)

FutureEd English New Zealand Experienced Instructors

The Crash Course is suited for IELTS students with limited preparation time or who only require an overview of the four modules. This course allocates three hours to the study of each respective module, and includes extra writing exercises, practice tests, and one free Mock Test. A Single Module Crash Course is also available for those who wish to focus on either the Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking modules specifically. Duration: 4 days


IELTS Intensive Course Auckland

IELTS Intensive Course

FutureEd English IELTS Intensive

The IELTS Intensive Course is a four week course designed to give students a thorough understanding of the structure of the General Training and Academic IELTS tests, along with how each of the four modules are assessed. Suited for students who require intensive preparation, each week of the course focuses on a different module, and features detailed feedback on practice tests and exercises from internationally certified IELTS/English language teachers. This course includes one free Mock Test. Duration: 40 hours


IELTS Simplified 6+/7+ Course Auckland

IELTS Simplified 6+/7+

FutureEd English New Zealand IELTS Simplified Course

The IELTS Simplified 6+/7+ Course is suited for anyone who is planning on taking an IELTS exam, and wishes to achieve a satisfactory Band score as quickly and easily as possible. Students will gain an excellent understanding of how to receive a high score across all four modules. This course includes flexible class options, along with Gold and Platinum Band Packages for those who wish to achieve an IELTS Band score of 6 or 7+. Duration: 30 hours


General English Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Courses Auckland

General English

FutureEd English New Zealand General English

The General English Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate courses are ten week comprehensive English language courses, designed to introduce students to the commonly used grammar and vocabulary of the IELTS test. Featuring expert feedback from teachers specialising in English language teaching, these courses include integrated speaking and writing activities, and authentic study materials and texts. Duration: 60 hours